Horacio Herrera Ulibarri (January 22, 1976 - Montevideo - Uruguay)


In 1996 he graduated as a draftsman, and Assistant Draughtsman Architect UTU (Uruguay).

He began studying painting in 2002 with artist and professor of Faculty of Fine Arts Gabriel Bruzzone, continuing in 2003 with artist and professor Sergio Viera until 2006. He participates in several group exhibitions in both workshops.

Some of his works are in private collections in the EEUU, Spain and Austria.



• 2nd Prize - Zully Rodríguez International Art Competition


• Special mention and recognition Christiane Peugeot Gallery - Paris, France For the work Tango in Uruguay Selected by ArtetrA Associazione Culturale Italia International Art Prize "Salvador Dali"


• Victoria International Prize awarded by the International Association of Victoria Arts Prizes, composed of Associazione Arte Senza Frontiere (Italy), Literary and Visual Arts of the Mediterranean (Spain), Association of Arts and Exchanges Uruguay-America-Europe, Cultural Group Charrúa (Uruguay), Grupo Cultural Entelequia (Ecuador),

Individual exhibitions


• EEUU Embassy - (Montevideo - Uruguay) 


• Icon-Graphics - Contemporary Art /  Ministry of Foreign Affairs - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Declared sample of Cultural Interest by the Municipal Intendance of Montevideo.


• Contemporary Art Palacio Legislativo - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Declared sample of Cultural Interest by the Municipal Intendance of Montevideo.

• Belleza Uruguaya 3 El Montevideano / Fundación Unión - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

• Belleza Uruguaya 2 El Montevideano / Embassy of Venezuela - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

• Blog - Digital Art Pocitos Books - (Montevideo, Uruguay)


• Body and Soul / Rivendel - (Piriápolis, Uruguay)

• Body and Soul  / General Association of Authors of Uruguay - (Montevideo, Uruguay)


• Contemporary Art Exhibition / Cabildo de Montevideo - (Montevideo, Uruguay

Group exhibitions


• YICCA International Contest of Contemporary Art 

Selected Artist for the final Exhibition

Hernandez Art Gallery - (Milán, Italy)



• Fruscione Palace International Art Award "Arte Salerno"- (Salerno, Italy)

Selected by Artetra Associazione Culturale Italia

• Christiane Peugeot Gallery International Art Prize "Salvador Dalí" - (Paris, France) 

Selected by Artetra Associazione Culturale Italia


• Gallery Los Caracoles - (José Ignacio - Punta del Este, Uruguay)

• Queen Diamond Gallery - (Punta del Este, Uruguay)

• "Cultural Mosaic" - Grupo Cultural Charrúa - Legislative Palace - (Montevideo, Uruguay).

• Excellence Art Gallery - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - (Marbella-Spain)

• OH! La Barra - Live painting with selected artists - (La Barra-Punta del Este, Uruguay)

• Magg's Art Outdoor Gallery- (José Ignacio - Punta del Este, Uruguay)


• Sette Mari Art Gallery - (Punta del Este, Uruguay)

• Imaginary Gallery - (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

• Affordable Art Fire - (Milan, Italy)

• Ovo Art - International Contemporary Art Exhibition - Conrad Resort - (Punta del Este, Uruguay

• "Eclectic" - Boudelaire Space - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

• Mural School and Liceo Santa Rita Direction of the mural realized by children of initial - (Montevideo, Uruguay)

• Art Experience Tour - Selected to integrate the staff of artists of the event - (Punta del Este - José  Ignacio, Uruguay)


• Sette Mari Art Gallery - (Punta del Este, Uruguay)   


• "International Contemporary Art Fair" - Conrad Resort - (Punta del Este, Uruguay)  

  Special mention for the work "Abstract with Flowers".



• "Digital Art" - Centro Orensano (Montevideo, Uruguay)



• Uruguayan Embassy - (New Delhi, India)





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